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Appointments now being booked from 15th JUNE yay!

So, as the government begin to ease restrictions of the lockdown over the coming weeks, we are obviously super excited to get back to what we know and love as soon as possible.

So the decision has been made to begin re-opening the boutique on June 15th, albeit with restrictions in place, unless the government advise differently.

Here's our thinking behind this, as a small family business we simply can not afford to close indefinitely, our bills and overheads remain exactly the same, if not more as we had ordered new gowns just before the temporary closures and yet we have no income.

If the government allows non-essential retail to open from June 1st, then we shall open the following weekend, as we believe the risk is incredibly low and we shall also be taking measures to reduce it even more.

Rest assured yours and our safety is paramount and we are taking steps to put ensure everyone feels safe when they visit us...……. Here's what to expect:-

* APPOINTMENT ONLY..... This is incredibly important, we WILL NOT be seeing any walk-in brides, we have always been By Appointment, but if we've had the time to see walk-ins we have allowed in..... this will no longer be the case, we can not safely monitor those in and out of the boutique if ladies simply want to come in and browse and it's not fair on those we have ensured will be safe with us.


* ADDITIONAL CLEANING...…. We have allocated additional time between each appointment to clean the key areas to ensure everything has had the once over with antibacterial spray

* HAND SANITISER...….. We have a 'cleaning station' at the door when you arrive where you will be asked to sanitise your hands upon entering the boutique

* FACE MASKS...…… These will also be available at the 'cleaning station' if you wish to wear one during your visit

* LIMITED GUESTS...….. For the time being all brides will be limited to just 2 guests, and bridesmaid appointments will be limited to the bride and 2 bridesmaids, we understand this may mean multiple appointments for bridesmaids but we are keen to limit the boutique to just 4 people at any one time (and obviously I need to be there!)

Alteration appointments will need to be limited to the bride and 1 guest as the seamstress will also be present

Now we understand that this will all depend on what the government guidelines are at the beginning of June but we would encourage you to now begin booking your appointment in the usual manner, online or over the phone as we anticipate being extremely busy until the end of the year with 2020 AND 2021 brides.

We only have the 1 fitting room so rest assured the boutique will be empty except for me and those you choose to bring along, and you are at far greater risk queuing for your groceries every week than you will be in our bridal boutique...…. wedding dresses is what we love but we also have a lot of love for our customers and we would not put you at any unnecessary risk

If you have ANY questions at all please drop me an email at

And I hope to see you real soon

Stay safe


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