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We're making scrubs for our NHS Heroes


So a quick update on what's happening at Romantic Dreams HQ.

We've kind of turned in to a scrubs factory!

So just under a month ago, we joined an amazing initiative called BrumScrubs set up by local Brummie Marcelle Porteous with a vision to produce scrubs for our front line medical workers across Birmingham, it was only just being set up and so we offered to help, initially to make scrubs but we've now become the holding hub for all things in and out and the amazing BrumScrubs army of volunteers is producing HUNDREDS of scrubs every week and making a real difference to our NHS and beyond.

So yes, if you've recently walked passed, we look a little different! which loosely means its utter chaos and looks like a scrubs bomb has exploded downstairs in the boutique!

We so proud to be a part of this incredible group of local ladies and gents all sewing their socks off to get these much needed garments made and out to our medics and carers, but fear not we are also tirelessly working behind the scenes at Romantic Dreams to keep things ticking over too, so we're keeping our eyes on current orders, ordering BRAND NEW wedding dresses ready for our re-opening, we hope in the not too distant future, so as ever keep your eyes on our social media for all updates and info on whats happening in our wedding world!

As ever, thank you so much for your continued support, we truly have the best customers and I miss my wedding family and can't wait to get back to bridal heaven, but for now we're happy and proud to offer support to the wider community and to those that are quite literally putting their lives on the line for all of us day in day out so a few scrubs is the least we can do!

More news coming soon.......... Wedding Dress related! ;)

Take Care, Stay Home and look after your loved ones

Sammy x

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