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Bridal Tip #3

Hey Everyone! I hope you've all had a great week, and I hope you're all very impressed I've managed to do this blog AGAIN, on the day I promised I would...... I'm getting good at this timekeeping malarky now!

So this weeks Bridal Tip......... Listen To Your Consultant!

Now, if you didn't require a bridal consultant or someone with some serious knowledge regarding wedding dresses and the ordering process, then I'm pretty sure an appointment wouldn't be required, you could just come in to a store, look at a few dresses, head to the changing room, try and get yourself in to those dresses (good luck with that on your own!) um, and ah over whether its the one and then head over to the till point and order yourself one or walk away with the sample, right?!

But this isn't how it works in a bridal boutique is it? No, you make an appointment and you are then allocated a knowledgeable (hopefully!) bridal consultant who will talk you through the process, help you in and out of the gowns you've chosen, listen to your likes and dislikes etc, watch you throughout the entire time you are there and read your reactions and emotions to each dress you try on and from this they will gauge what they think you really want..... because lets face it, women, in general, are VERY indecisive!

This is the point you need to become open minded and TRUST your consultant, now I'm not saying they will pick out the perfect dress every time, but they will at least (again, I hope!) point you in the direction of where you should be looking in terms on style, fit, colour etc and most of all they will usually suggest at least 1 gown you wouldn't have even dreamed of trying on, they're doing this for 2 reasons in my opinion. Firstly, they know what all of the dresses in that shop look like on a body, you have only seen them hanging on a rail and we all know they look entirely different when you put them on, so trust them on that, if they pick something up and you think 'Really?' just try it, you will 9 times out of 10 be pleasantly surprised! Secondly, they may choose a curve ball option to be sure that what you have in your mind as your dream dress, really is what you want or is it what you think you want because you've not tried anything on that contradicts it?

Jargon often gets in the way or describing your dream dress to your consultant so sometimes its often good to show them. We often have girls explain that they love an illusion neckline with lots of detail to the back, a fitted gown with a nice skirt, not too puffy with lace and lots of sparkle and then when I send them to the rail to pick out some dresses they come back with a sweetheart ball gown nothing like what they've just described....... it's jargon, like in most industries.... one girls fit and flare is another girls fishtail...... try them all initially to know what shape is best for you or find pictures of what you'd like to try and show them to your consultant.

So my parting advise is, trust your consultant, talk to her, tell her what you'd like, what you don't want etc...... yes she's a stranger to you and she doesn't know your body or personality yet, but she knows wedding dresses...... very well! and you have absolutely no idea to begin with because a wedding dress is not your average dress from Topshop for a Saturday night out! so listen to the professionals!

Thanks again for reading my weekly bridal tip or rant, whichever way you'd like to look at it!

Hope to see you next week for Tip #4!

Until then take care

Sammy x

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