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Bridal Tip #2

Ok, as promised........ Bridal Tip #2 exactly 1 week after Bridal Tip #1....... It would appear I may be back on track with these weekly Wedding Blog posts! so far so good anyway!

Again, if you follow us on social media you may be familiar with Tip #2 but I'm just catching everyone up...... a totally new Tip is coming next week and we'll all be on the same page!

Bridal Tip #2...........Browsing Is Not Really A Thing!

'Browsing' seems to be the new buzz word brides-to-be are using as a kind of non-committal way of looking at dresses.................... but this is not really a thing for Bridal Boutiques! In fact it's a complete waste of our time and yours and we ALWAYS advise against it.

If you want to look at dresses in a particular boutique, contact them, ask if an appointment is needed and then book to go and try dresses on with them...... there is absolutely NO POINT just looking at the dresses hanging on the rail, what is that going to tell you? You'd be better off scouring Instagram and Pinterest rather than looking at pretty fabric on a coat hanger!

Everyone, and I truly mean everyone, from wedding professionals to previous brides, they will ALL tell you that wedding dresses look completely different on than they do on the hanger, for many different reasons too. The dresses could be in really big sizes and so aren't hanging well or your dream dress is a champagne sample but you specifically want ivory so you completely overlook it, even though you'll eventually be told you can order that very dress in ivory!

So I think you'll have worked out by now that the moral of this blog is....... Book an Appointment!

Go to a boutique and TRY DRESSES ON! Did you buy your last car based on how good it looked in the car park? or did you take it out for a spin first???................ I rest my case!

Thanks for popping by to read this week's Top Tip, and don't forget I'll be back next Wednesday with Tip #3........ if there is a topic you think I should be covering please feel free to drop me an email at and I'll add it to the 'Tip List' and try and cover it in the next few weeks

Enjoy the rest of your week...... see you soon

Sammy x

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