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Bridal Tip #1

Ok, Ok I know it's been a while..... but I have a plan to keep me on track for the next few weeks and deliver to you a whole bunch of Bridal Tips..... 1 a week, every Wednesday, until I run out of tips!

Sooooooo Bridal Tip #1


So, here's the thing.... with thanks to show's like 'Say Yes To The Dress' and potentially 'Don't Tell The Bride' ladies now think that if they don't cry when they find a dress they love.... it's not 'The One'


Let's not forget these are TV shows and everything is hyped up x100 for effect.... no one would want to watch a show of what an average bridal appointment looks like because, there are very rarely tears or drama.

Buying a wedding dress is indeed an emotional purchase, but you may well have made several other emotional purchases in your life that you also probably didn't cry at...... buying your first car, buying your first house etc..... if you're not particularly a 'crying' type of girl the likelihood is you won't cry when you find your dream wedding dress.

Some girls didn't cry when their love proposed or lets say when their first child was born but they're insistent it's not the dress until they cry! or worse..... until their mum cries! I mean talk about pressure..... poor mum has to muster tears to for her daughter to willing stop the endless pursuit of the perfect dress!

Let's not forget, that when you attend bridal appointments, you're not fresh out of the salon, with perfect hair and make up, tirelessly applied by a professional like you will be on your wedding day, and you're not all highly strung by wedding emotions and nerves...... that's the day you're likely to see tears..... not the day you try on an ill-fitting sample in a bustling bridal shop.

So go easy on yourself, you'll know when one dress stands out among the others and in that moment, think about whether you can see yourself saying your vows to the man of your dreams in this dress..... is it a yes? then that's your dress Honey :D

Join me next Wednesday for Bridal Tip #2

Until then, Happy Wedding Planning!

Sammy x

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