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RSVP-ing & Then Not Showing Up!

Once again, it's been a while! I honestly don't know where this year has gone! a couple more weeks and it'll be 2018! no wonder I keep missing my Wedding Wednesday Blog! hahaha

Right, this one has REALLY got my goat, so expect a bit of a rant here!

I follow a couple of wedding groups on Facebook, where Brides-to-be ask other Brides-to-be or recently wed ladies or wedding professionals for advise, recently I've seen a lot of posts from recently wed ladies saying they were a little upset when people who had RSVP'd to say they were coming, didn't turn up!

Erm......... WHAT?!?!?

I can understand the odd evening guest not showing on the day, which is ultimately why they say only cater for around 80% of your evening guests, day guests may not want to eat again later and some evening guests may not show up or have eaten before they come.

But, DAY GUESTS! no no no, this is totally unacceptable. Surely EVERYONE knows that the bride and groom have to give the venue final figures a few weeks before the big day and they then PAY PER HEAD for those guests, and we're not talking a £5 per head buffet here, some couples spend in excess of £100 per person for their day guests, to have canapes, arrival drinks, sit down meal with wine and a toast, not to mentions spending hours deliberating over the seating plan and how to entertain those guests all day.

In my opinion, if you RSVP to a wedding, You show up! It's common courtesy, and incredibly rude and selfish if you don't when you know the bride and groom have paid a lot of money for you to be there.

Some Brides on these groups have said that when they've seen these people since the wedding they've just acted as if nothing has happened, and not even mentioned it let alone apologised or offered a reason. Needless to say the majority of these women have said they consider their friendship with these people worthless now as they obviously didn't give them a second thought when they decided not to bother attending and I think this is how I would feel also. It's a real shame but it would appear weddings really show you who your true friends really are.

I have a massive bug bear in the boutique of brides who book appointments and then don't show up, they obviously don't consider the fact that they have been allocated the entire boutique for an hour and a half and so no other brides will be seen in that time, they have wasted a huge amount of our time, and they couldn't be bothered to just pick up the phone to cancel or send a quick email, so I can very much sympathise with Brides who have guests do exactly the same thing.

Well that's it for another week, rant over! Christmas is up on us and I hope you all have a wonderfully festive time from now until the New Year. 2018 is looking like a very exciting and busy year for us so please do keep your eyes peeled on what we are up to!

Until next time........!

Sammy xxx

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