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Wedding Insurance??? Yay or Nay?!

This week on our #weddingwednesday blog we are talking about Wedding Insurance...... a good idea or a waste of money???

Well, in light of a HUGE American bridal wear designer, Alfred Angelo, filing for bankruptcy this week we would have to be in favour of wedding insurance! Given that as a result of their downfall, thousands of brides all over the world will now NOT be receiving the dresses they potentially ordered months ago...... but if they have insurance at least they will be covered for this and won't have the additional stress of wondering how they will be paying for a replacement wedding dress.

Wedding insurance can be bought for as little as £20! depending on the level of cover you want to insure against of course, but to me it really is a no brainer...... lets say your wedding is costing £15k (I understand some are a lot more and some are waaaaay less but this is for arguments sake!) If you bought a car for £15k would you ever consider not insuring it??? of course you wouldn't! you would want to protect your investment and know that if anything happened you would be covered. So why wouldn't you insure your £15k wedding??? when if you think about it, you are using a number of different vendors to supply you various things for your big day and any one of them could either not deliver on the day or devastatingly go out of business between you booking them and your actual wedding date.

We even heard a horror story last year where the bride and groom were marrying abroad and although everyone had booked the holiday, they didn't think about insurance until, lets say the week before they were going.......... and then Low Cost Holiday's went bust and wiped out the entire top table as the

y had ALL booked with that company and none of them had got their insurance at the time of booking!!! Yes, they weren't buying wedding insurance, but insurance for something major all the same!

If you really look in to it, wedding insurance can cover you for a multitude of things, from lost wedding rings, to photo and video cover if anything were to happen to the photographers equipment, plus legal cover if you ever have to escalate a complaint based on vendors not delivering what the contract states they will.

Obviously, when you're planning your wedding you don't want to think about the possibilities of things going wrong..... but I'm afraid they do, and you should be prepared for that should it happen to you.

Do it ladies..... go your wedding insurance!! ( I should be on commission!)

Until next time, thanks again for listening to my ramblings!

Sammy x

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