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Bridesmaid's...... love 'em or hate 'em?!

Right..... this week's blog is all about the gorgeous gaggle of girlfriends you ask to stand by your side on the biggest day of your life and quite frankly what a whole load of drama you could be letting yourselves in for!

Since opening our boutique in 2015 we've had A LOT of bridesmaid through our doors, and I can honestly say I LOVE bridesmaid appointments..... they are a lot more relaxed than bridal appointments and we can gauge peoples personalities a little more and the relationships within the group, however, they are also the most dramatic appointments, maybe not initially but as time goes on and fittings come around the cracks start to show!

When choosing the ladies you wish to share your special day with you, choose carefully. Don't pick someone because you've known them the longest, or because it's the grooms sister or because you can't have 'Tracey' and not ask 'Sharon' etc. Pick the ladies who mean the most to you, who have always been there to support you and you have a mutual respect and love for one another, those that would do anything for you and you them.

I hear so many horror stories, of brides and their bridesmaids falling out over silly things and also major things that shouldn't really occur between the best of friends and at an already stressful and emotional time of your life you really don't need the drama.

Equally you need to remember that no one will be as excited about your wedding as you, and if they aren't jumping up and down at every minute detail you tell them about it's not because they aren't happy all your plans are coming together it's probably because they also have a life of their own and other things going on so remember to continue to be the fantastic friend you've always been and also show an interest in their lives in the build up to your wedding too, you know, just to keep them on side..... after all they're organising your hen party so you need to keep them sweet!

And to show our love to all the lovely ladies who will love and support you on your big day and put up with all your bridezilla moments in the build up to it too, we are offering 20% off our entire range of bridesmaid dresses!

If you have any bridesmaid stories to tell..... you can always send them via email to I do love a good story, equally if you have any questions about our offer or if there is anything we can help you with at all give me a shout on the email.

Until next time..... have a great week!

Sammy x

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