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Send Pics to Your Wedding Suppliers!

Now, this weeks blog seems like a fairly obvious one...... but trust me it isn't!

As a supplier of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, we work very closely with all our brides to achieve the desired look for their wedding day. From the initial appointment, to ordering exactly what the bride wants and then fitting all the dresses to perfection and making everyone look a million dollars..... well, at the start of the day at least... we're not responsible for the state you're in following a few glasses of bubbles and in all honesty we'd be disappointed if you didn't show those dresses a good time, so make sure you bloody well enjoy yourselves!

The saddest thing for us though is that we don't get to see it all come together :( We rely solely on you ladies sending us a few pics following the wedding day for us to see the polished perfection....... and that my friends, is like getting blood from a stone!

We would have thought you couldn't wait to show off your big day to the world and send as many pics as possible to as many people as possible...... but no! We beg and we plead (well we send a couple of emails!) because we really do LOVE to see a glimpse of your special day as we've talked about it with you on so many occasions.

So, I ask you this, following your wedding, and I'm not saying immediately! but once the excitement has waned a little and the reality of being someone's wife has finally kicked in, PLEASE send a couple of photos to the boutiques you ordered your dresses from........ trust me, they will love it! You will make those ladies very happy, and if they have anywhere you can leave them a review, do that too! We love to know what you think, our job is essentially to make brides-to-be happy and we can only do that if you tell us what you like or don't like about our service and we can then improve for other brides in the future.

A simple request, it's not much, I know some of you may be thinking 'Yeah, but they must get loads of photos from everyone, they won't want to see mine'

Firstly, no we don't! we hardly get any photos from anyone! and secondly, yes we do! We want to see photos of everyone's wedding that we've been a part of, so don't leave us out when you're posting pics on Facebook! Tag us in some or send us some via email, we actually can't wait to see them!

Well that's the blog for this week, it may not seem like a biggie for you guys this week, but for us it was worth dedicating an entire post to it!

Pop back next #weddingwednesday for more wedding related ramblings from me!

Have a good week

Sammy x

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