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Slimming Down For The Gown!

Amazingly, I'm getting pretty good at this #weddingwednesday malarky.... 3 weeks on the bounce I've managed to publish the blog on the actual day I said I was going to! (round of applause for me!)

So, this week's topic is....... weight loss!

I've done a little blog on this in the past but it's a popular subject as most ladies want to lose at least a couple of pounds for their wedding day, but a lot go about it the wrong way, if that's starting too early and losing motivation or leaving it too late and starving themselves! so we'll talk through a few things that can help or contribute to you slimming down for your gown!

Firstly, and this is my favourite....... Monitoring your success!

The best way to do this is visually, as sometimes the scales tell you one thing but you feel completely different and often if you don't feel any slimmer you lose motivation. So my best tip and super easy, is to take 2 jam jars at the start of your journey, in 1 put a marble in for every pound you want to lose, and every time you lose a pound take a marble out and put it into the empty jam jar so you can see how far you've come and how much further is left to go!

I love this idea and it helps keep you on track and motivates you on those days you feel like giving up.

Now, I'm no nutritionist so I won't give you advise on what to eat and what not to, but a few things I've found that not only help towards shedding a few pounds but can help keep you energised when you're feeling a little sluggish are

* Drink water...... lots of it, you are officially a fish until further notice, some days I really struggle with this but it's great for the skin and also really helps regulate your metabolism and 'keeps you regular'!!! TMI!!! sorry!

Be prepared when you start this though, you will pee like a pregnant woman!

*Don't eat late...... I am the worst 'snacker' I can go all day without food (which is bad..... do not do that!) but when I'm home and in front of the TV I love to binge on junk food or whatever is within reach.... DO NOT DO THIS! I now have set myself a time when I refuse to eat anything after this point, to give my body a chance to digest anything before I go to bed.... for me this is 7pm, if you go to bed late then make it later but I usually head to bed between 10pm and 11pm

You will be amazed at the difference this will make

*Green tea........ not to everyones taste I understand that, but it's a great cleanser and helps detox all the rubbish that builds up in your body, I promise you will get used to the taste and it's not actually that bad I'm just a wuss!

*Try to move more.......... It really doesn't take a genius to work out that you need to burn more calories than you eat for the body to shed weight, it's basic maths and the more you move the easier it will be to drop that dress size!

And a couple of Don'ts!

*Starve yourself..... this is where sooooo many people go wrong, you will only put your body in to shock where it will store excess calories, fat, water and whatever else it needs because it doesn't know when it's next meal is coming, you will likely find you'll initially get heavier if you do this, because everything you do give your body it will retain.

Cut back slowly, it's the best way to make permanent changes and you'll find the process much easier than just stopping everything all at once

*Be too hard on yourself...... everyone has set backs, if you fancy that Mars Bar, have it.... just don't have one every night at midnight when no one is around because you feel guilty about it! You deserve a treat and if you don't occasionally have a little of what you love, you'll resent the fact you're losing weight for your wedding and not to mention you'll probably be a cranky bitch and no one wants that!!!

Well I hope you enjoyed the tips and if they turn out to be useful then hurrah for me..... and you as you'll be the one who met their target weight and ended up blowing everyone away on the big day! I'm just the one typing up the words, sipping on a hot chocolate eating a cheesecake!..... jokes of course! ;)

Until next time ladies xxx

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