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Ignore the Body Shape Myths!

This week I want to talk a little bit about body shapes and what style wedding gown you should be wearing in accordance to the shape your body is.

No doubt you will have seen the pictures and read in endless wedding magazines what styles and shapes you should be wearing to flatter your figure and make the most of the body you have, but here at Romantic Dreams we do things a little differently, I'm not saying we tear up the rule book and ignore the advise of dress designers and wedding industry experts but we are more focused on the bride in person than what a theory has to suggest!

Let's use a Tomboy as our example here, so this bride has a fairly manual job, she spends most of her time in trousers and when she's not at work she mostly wears jeans and casual tops, on a night out she might throw on a pair of heels and jazz those jeans up with a smart top, she's also a pear shape and according to 'the rules' she should be opting for a ball gown style wedding dress......really?!

Now this is a lady who rarely, if ever, wears a dress and yet on the most important day of her life she has to wear the biggest, flounciest dress there is because that's what will suit her body!..... nope! We would much rather our brides try on a whole range of different wedding dress styles to get a feel for what they are comfortable in rather than honing in on a style the experts say is best! Who exactly is the expert when it comes to your body?........ You are!

So our tomboy bride will undoubtedly try on the ball gown and hate it! but rather than ruin her experience and make her dread her wedding day, we listen to what she thinks will look nice and what she'd ideally like to wear and go from there, making suggestions along the way.

The same goes for the straight up and down bride..... apparantly the sheath or column style dresses will work best for this bride and they should avoid the fishtail/mermaid style...... not in our boutique! If someone doesn't have much of an obvious waist and has a more athletic figure, adding a simple belt to a fishtail/mermaid dress will draw the eye and give the illusion of accenting a waist.

We firmly believe on your wedding day you should be the best version of yourself and if you're wearing a dress you aren't comfortable in or doesn't suit your personality in the slightest all you will feel is awkward, and with all eyes on you that is the last thing you want to feel.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this weeks #weddingwednesday blog I'll catch up with you next week with something else 'wedding related'

Much Love

Sammy xxx

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