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Right then lovely Ladies, from today I am changing up our website blog.

I have been struggling lately with ways to entertain and educate you lovely bunch on things wedding dress related as I realise I was looking at it with a narrow mind...... so, from now on I shall educate and entertain ( I hope!) on ALL things wedding related and not just bore you with the dresses!

I shall start off this week with an introduction....... and we'll go from there!

Soooooo I'm Sammy!

I am the founder and owner here at Romantic Dreams, and although when we opened a little over 2 years ago I didn't have any bridal experience or retail experience for that matter, owning a bridal boutique had always been the one thing I always wanted to do! and yes, life got in the way for a while and other things took a priority but I knew that one day I would be the proud owner of a business in the wedding industry..... and guess what? I did it!!!! and guess what else?.................... I bloody love it!

It has by far been the best decision I ever made, has it been a breeze? hell no! it's been a roller coaster and a massive challenge right from day one, but would I change it and go back to a life without the crazy hours and brides on speed dial? nope! not for anything in the world!

So, a bit about the lady behind the boutique..... I grew up as a dancer, from the age of 3 it was all I wanted to do day and night, and I eventually became professional at the age of 17, I quickly found my love of singing and went on to become a Kylie Minogue tribute (yes, I'm a massive fan!) for quite a few years both in the UK and overseas. Unfortunately, the body doesn't keep up with demand after a certain age and I left the performing world for another crazy industry..... Marketing!

I spent way too many years living out of suitcases and working away from home promoting anything and everything from Cars to Canderel! and it was on an incredibly long and gruelling roadshow that I had the light bulb moment of 'I can't do this anymore' and Romantic Dreams was born! 3 weeks later I had a business of my own, a load of money from the bank and was waiting for the first gowns to arrive!

2 years on and Romantic Dreams is going strong, everyday brings new challenges and every bride is completely different and has a unique story to tell, this may well be the thing I enjoy most about this job, no 2 brides are the same and every bride has different needs. The excitement and the emotion I see on a daily basis is also a bonus and I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of such an amazing time in the lives of the ladies I meet.

So that's Me! I am hoping to update you on wonderful wedding things every Wednesday, but if someone has a meltdown over what shade of nail varnish her bridesmaids are going to have, you'll forgive me for attending to that first!

Thanks for reading

See you next week (hopefully!)


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