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Sorella Vita Introduces Crimson Red Sequins!

Well..... as if we weren't completely in love with the incredible sequin bridesmaid dresses from Sorella Vita as it was, they've only gone and introduced a 5th colour...... Crimson Red!

And my God, are the dresses absolutely stunning!

With the sequins having a matte finish to them, they exude elegance without looking garish or over the top, they're about as understated as sequins can get, and now in an amazingly vibrant burnt red tone, we've fallen in love with them all over again!

We currently only have 1 sample of the Crimson in the boutique but all the sequin styles are available to order in the new colour.

We think Sorella Vita may well have outdone themselves with this one! We can't wait to see what's coming next from this collection..... keep your etes peeled ladies, we'll always, as ever, keep you updated!

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