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Getting Married Summer 2017?

Now we don't mean to panic anyone, but....... if your wedding is in the summer of 2017, you should now be seriously thinking about ordering that dream wedding dress!

As a rule, wedding dresses usually take around 16-20 weeks from the time of ordering to delivery. Yes, rush deliveries are usually an option, but do you really want to risk it? and then of course, you need to factor in some time for alterations to ensure that dream dress of yours looks the best it possibly can, and you'll find that most bridal seamstresses are flat out from around April until the end of October!

So we suggest that any bridal appointments you book now, you should attend with a serious intention of ordering a dress. When you first start looking and try on lots of different styles, it's nice to enjoy the experience and make the most of the time and choices available to you, but the closer you get to your wedding date the more serious it has to become and you should expect to put that deposit money down on 'The One' at any moment!

So, pull on them big girl pants, book yourself some appointments and go buy your dream wedding dress girl! it's now or never! xxx

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