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Don't feel guilty about the price of your dress!

Recently, we've had a lot of brides who have felt guilty about spending over a certain amount of money on 'a dress I'm only going to wear once' and we'd like to address this in our latest blog post.

Firstly, it is documented that the wedding dress usually amounts to around 10% of the overall wedding cost..... so if your wedding budget is £5,000, your dress would cost around £500 and if your wedding budget is £20,000 your dress would be around £2,000..... get it?! good. Obviously this doesn't have to be the case and you can spend a lot less than this, but I'm just starting with a little perspective!

It upsets me when I hear Brides to be say they don't want to spend too much on a dress they will only wear once, when that dress is the most important and memorable dress they will ever wear!!!

Of course, the cost of the dress doesn't mean it's any better than a cheaper dress, but often women are talking themselves out of buying a dress they love because of it's price tag and the fact 'They'll only wear it one'.... and this is the bit that I want to address.

As often as I hear brides say this, I've never heard them say the same about other significant parts of the wedding..... for example, how many times will the wedding breakfast be eaten?! Once! and it's usually the biggest expense at a wedding. How many times will the cake be cut and eaten?! Once!

How many times will you carry a bouquet?! Once!

My point is why just focus on the fact that the dress will only be worn once when the majority of the things you spend money on at a wedding will only be relevant...... Once!

It's almost like price-shaming a bride into buying a cheaper dress and that breaks my heart a little bit, if you love it and you can afford it (I'm obviously not saying spend thousands!!) why shouldn't you have it?? at least you will physically have that dress forever, to look at and share with your children and grandchildren etc unlike the cake, and the flowers and the leftover food no one ate.

Don't feel guilty that you fell in love with a £1,200 dress and you're only going to wear it once! The wedding dress is ultimately the most anticipated and memorable thing about a wedding and you want to feel like a million dollars in it, all eyes will be on you in that magical dress and not on the favours everyone forgets to take home anyway!!! So relax and don't let anyone make you feel anything but euphoric about your wedding dress xxx

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