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Keeping Your Appointment!

I think I can safely say, I speak for bridal boutiques across the land when I say, If you've booked an appointment, either attend that appointment or cancel it giving the boutique enough time to refill the slot.

Most bridal boutiques are independent family run businesses. yes, there are a few big chain companies, but mostly you'll find that someone in the boutique is the owner and they dedicate a huge amount of time building a successful business to support their family, they employ local people and offer a bespoke friendly service you're unlikely to get from a large multinational company.

The majority of bridal boutique's business is at weekends, and weekend appointments are hard to come by and are the most sought after time slots, with that in mind, if you book a weekend appointment, be sure to attend that appointment!

It can be incredibly frustrating for a bridal boutique to have a full diary on a Saturday and maybe 3 of those booked appointments don't turn up! no phone call to cancel, no email, they just decide not to bother. You wouldn't do that for your hairdressers appointment or your doctors appointment so why think it's acceptable to do it for a bridal appointment?

The most frustrating thing is that someone else could have booked that appointment and the boutique owner wouldn't be paying the staff she employs to sit around waiting for the next ones to arrive.

Charging for appointments is already quite common in London and other boutiques around the country are seriously considering the same to ensure people turn up for the appointment they've requested. No one wants to do this and the easiest way to make sure it doesn't happen is just to be mindful if you can't make your appointment, to call up the boutique and notify them so they can allocate that appointment to someone else.

It seems silly, but I think if you ask a handful of bridal boutique's what their number one gripe is, they would say 'No Shows'

Thanks for reading xxx

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