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7 Absolutely Brilliant Hen Party Games!

Weddings are serious business if not incredibly stressful for a lot of ladies, so when it comes to the hen party...... the crazier the better in our opinion and it's the girls job to make it as memorable for the Hen as possible.

So we thought we'd comprise a short list of what we would consider great Hen Party games!

1. Man Down The Hole.....Get a bag of toy soldiers and give every lady present a lucky dip, whatever position their solider is in is the position they must perform whenever someone shouts 'Man down the hole'. We love this one, as you can guarantee at least 1 lady will end up with the soldier crawling on the floor!

2. Peg Check....... Every lady receives a peg at the beginning of the evening or weekend and whenever the Hen requests a 'Peg Check' the last lady to produce her peg gets a forfeit or downs a shot!

3. Don't Show Keith Your Teeth...... Taken from the legendary Celebrity Juice idea, cover your teeth with your lips and the aim of the game is to NOT show your teeth! Challenges can be set like, recite a list of naughty words, sing a nursery rhyme, down a shot with no hands.... the list is endless and incredibly funny!

4. Guess The Grooms Bum!......... if the Hen Party is after the Stag Party this can be quite a fun thing to ask the Best Man to be involved in, ask him to take pictures of all the lads bums who go on the Stag Party, including the Stag and then the Hen has to guess which bum belongs to her man..... for every time she gets it wrong there is a drink or a forfeit!

5. The Brides Bucket List........ devise a list between all the ladies of items you want the Hen to collect over the course or her Hen Party. These can be as easy as a Beer Mat or a shot glass to things a little cheekier like a strangers underwear (a sock will do!) or a free drink!

6. Show Us Your Knickers......... Prior to the Hen Party ask all the ladies to buy the Hen a pair of knickers and on the day she has to wear them...... ALL of them, at the same time, preferably on the outside of her clothes! It gives everyone a giggle and she gets lots of new knickers to keep!

7. Selfie Star....... We LOVE this idea, purely based on the fact people so often forget to take pics.

So, similar to The Brides Bucket List, ladies should make a list of pictures you want the bride to take or be in...... This can be as simple as a group shot of everyone involved in the Hen Party, to a pic with the Butler in the Buff. You could include landmarks so if the Hen Party is in Blackpool for example, a pic with Blackpool Tower and you can always make this a little cheekier too and add in a few like, a pic with a topless man!

All in all Hen Parties are great fun and a fabulous way for the Bride to Be to let her hair down and forget about the stress of the wedding with all her favourite girls.

Enjoy x

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