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Wedding Day Weight Loss!

Ah, a touchy subject this time...... not one I'm a huge fan of, but I know every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and to many that means dropping a few pounds.

I'm a firm believer in remaining who you are on your wedding day, so losing 4 stone beforehand on a crazy crash diet and then putting it all back on afterwards is not exactly ideal. It puts an incredible amount of additional stress on yourself in the lead up to the big day and lets be honest you have so many other things to stress about this should not be one of them!

However, here are a few easy to follow tips to aid in giving you a healthier lifestyle pre-wedding and habits you can continue with afterwards..... they may result in dropping a few pounds but ultimately, they are designed to make you feel better about yourself and not so guilty when you reach for a doughnut at the office for a colleagues birthday!

1. DON'T EAT AFTER 7PM....... this one works! I do this one as often as I can, but we are sometimes in the boutique til 9pm some nights doing fittings so it isn't always do-able but if you can, you will notice a remarkable difference.

By limiting food to before 7pm, you are ultimately avoiding those evening snacks that everyone craves whilst watching the TV! No reaching for the crisps or nibbling on a bar of chocolate and before you know it the whole 'share bar' has gone! Get your fill pre-7pm and you will feel so much better, you'll avoid the bloating feeling and wake up ready for a good breakfast.

2. GREEN TEA...... Not to everyone's taste I know (and I'm going to admit I add a little sugar!!!) but it does improve your metabolism and can help eradicate some tummy fat, it's a key ingredient in most fat burning supplements and as it's loaded with anti-oxidents its great for the body all round.

It does take a little getting used to, but just 1 cup of green tea each day and you will feel the difference in no time.

3. DRINK MORE WATER.......This one is a no-brainer! drinking more water will not only flush your system, but it keeps you feeling full too, so there will be no snacking between meals and if you drink only water after 7pm you should be able to stick to our first tip too!

Now I'm not gonna lie.... it takes some practise, not only at the beginning do you feel like you're forcing yourself to drink more, but your bladder is not your friend! you will initially want to pee.....A LOT! but your body does get used to this, your body retains water if you don't give it enough because it doesn't know when it is getting more.... making you feel bloated, once you increase your water intake believe it or not your body then understands it no longer needs to hold on to it.

A key thing to also point out is drinking lots of water keeps you regular (if you know what I mean!) again improving your metabolism, I know a lot of women have trouble 'going to the loo' on a daily basis, and maybe only go once or twice a week.... drink more water and this will be a thing of the past!

So there you have it! 3 simple tips to help improve your overall health in the lead up to the best day of your life! and none of them mentioned the gym, a treadmill or even a boot camp!

Keep these up and you'll notice a difference in your energy levels, your skin will improve and yes.... you may even drop a few pounds!

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