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10 Crazy facts about Romantic Dreams and it's Owner!

So, on the day of our 1st anniversary I thought I'd share some facts about Romantic Dreams Bridal Boutique and it's owner Sammy...... I may live to regret this!

1. Romantic Dreams was originally named Platinum Dreams (for about 3 weeks!) to signify our location in the Jewellery Quarter, but this ruffled a few feathers so we changed it :)

2. When I took the plunge to open Romantic Dreams, the whole thing came together from idea to established in 3 weeks! Waiting on dress deliveries and signing our lease were the only things delaying the opening.

3. Sammy trained as a dancer for 18 years and performed professionally for 9 years before the body gave up and she moved on to other things!

4. Sammy was a Kylie Minogue tribute for many years and had a girlband called 'Desire' that was asked to support the Sugarbabes on tour and were also invited to appear on Britains Got Talent!

5. Growing up Sammy always wanted to be a Dancer and own a Bridal Boutique but she also fancied a career as a Racing Driver!

6. Romantic Dreams exhibited at The National Wedding Show at Birmingham's NEC in October 2015 for the first time.

7. One of Sammy's best friends got married on Romantic Dreams 6 month anniversary and her other best friend got engaged on the 12 month anniversary!

8. Romantic Dreams was opened exactly to the day 8 years after Sammy collected her puppy Baxter (a miniture Jack Russell) it seems the 20th Feb is the day great things happen!

9. Sammy has a phobia of green food and doesn't eat any fruit or vegetables! (don't ask!)

10. Both Sammy and Romantic Dreams opening fall under Pisces..... expect a lot of daydreaming!

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