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Thought about your wedding shoes?

So, as women..... mostly, we LOVE shoes! however, a lot of brides are so focused on getting their perfect dream wedding dress, they almost completely forget about their bridal shoes until their bridal consultant reminds them they'll need to bring their shoes and lingerie to their fittings.

Panic! most brides say to us "Oh gosh, I haven't even thought about shoes!"

So have you thought about your wedding shoes? will you go comfortable and opt for flats? or traditional and get the "I'll dye them after and wear them again" style satin shoes or are you planning on being a little bit wild and opting for either a designer shoe you've always wanted or perhaps a crazy zebra print as no one will see them anyway and you'll be the only one who knows?

As we love a quirky personal touch here at Romantic Dreams, we like the idea of putting your personality into the shoes and maybe even having your shoes as your 'Something Blue', whatever you choose to do I'm sure it will be wonderful, and you'll be kicking them off at the end of the reception and flaunting your stuff on the dance floor regardless!

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