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A fun way to shed a few pounds!

Ladies, it's the New Year..... and thatusually means we've all over indulged a little over the festive period and are looking to shift a few pounds regardless of whether or not we have an impending wedding to prepare for!

So, we think sometimes this can be a little mundane and most of the time appear as a bit of a chore. Yes, the scales may be heading in the right direction, but do you notice a difference? or do you feel like you're trying really hard and don't feel much inprovement.

We've recently found a fun way to trackyour weight loss...... you need 2 jars (any size you like) and some ball type objects..... it can be marbles, golf balls, bouncy balls etc.... make sure they fit in your jar!!!

One jar will start empty and the other jar will contain the number of balls to match the number of lbs you want to lose..... everytime you lose a pound pop a ball in the original empty jar!

Now, we're no fool..... this will be an up and down process as we all know... some weeks you'll add lots of balls and others you may have to take some out and add them back to the original jar of 'weight to lose' but that's life! and eventually you full jar will become your empty jar and you'll have hit you weight loss target! Hurrah!

It's only a silly tracking system really but sometimes to visually see that your hard work and efforts are indeed paying off can be a little extra motivation in itself!

Good luck ladies xxx

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