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Getting Married in 2016?

Believe it or not, if you are getting married in the height of wedding season (June-September) 2016....... now is the time to get your dress and also your bridesmaid dresses!

It may still feel like a lifetime away, but you need to seriously consider the fact that wedding dresses (and bridesmaid dresses too!) do not take 2 weeks to make!

Realistically, you are looking at a minimum of 4 months, and then you need to allow time for fittings and alterations! and if your wedding is during wedding season..... it may be difficult to get the times and dates you want so you'll need to be flexible for your fitting appointments.

Lots of brides get their dress early and then leave it much later to order the bridesmaid dresses, we would advise against this! unless in certain situations like pregnancies etc.

Bridesmaid dresses also take around 12 weeks from ordering to delivery and they also usually need some form of alteration, even if it's just to shorten.

A common mistake brides make is to leave the bridesmaid dresses until later but plough ahead and order other things like, table runners, coloured petals, chair sashes etc, and then come time to order the dresses they realise they can't match the colour!!!!! ALWAYS, get the dresses first as they will undoubtedly be more important and more costly than a few petals and the closer you get to the wedding these small details seem MASSIVE drama's that you'll want to avoid for your own sanity!

There's no harm in being organised and preparing early, it allows you to enjoy the lead up to your wedding a lot more without having stresses like finding a suitable date all your bridesmaids can get back into the boutique for fittings etc. Dresses can always be altered to fit, but if you leave it late and they don't arrive on time there really isn't much that can be done!

So start shopping ladies! These are the most exciting dresses you'll ever buy!

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