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Thinking of Getting your gown from China?.......... Don't! Here's why.....

With HUGE thanks to the internet, many brides now feel they can get their dream dress at a fraction of the price and buy it online! NO NO NO!

Think about this for a minute..... you are hopefully, only planning on getting married once, and this dress is probably the most important dress you will ever wear. Why then, would you chance buying your wedding dress, based on a couple of stock pictures you have seen on the internet, without having seen the dress in the flesh and felt the quality of the material and the professional finish of the tailoring?!

Yes, you may well think you're saving money, but trust me the money you saved not buying the original design from a bridal boutique you will spend on getting the copy altered to fit you! Not to mention, buying a copy of any wedding dress on the internet is illegal!! Please bear in mind, you are buying a counterfeit wedding dress, that more than likely could be seized at customs, when the import tax hasn't been paid. It's very risky and could land you with a criminal record...... do you really want all that stress before your wedding just to save a few quid?

Put your trust in the professionals and order your dream wedding dress from an authorised retailer who knows what they are doing, if something sounds to

o good to be true...... it probably is!

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