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Additional Demetrios Wedding Gowns

Ladies, for a short time only our Jewellery Quarter bridal boutique is bursting with some incredible new wedding gowns, we have generously been lent some additional Demetrios wedding dresses for you lovely brides-to-be to come and try on...... call it an extended trunk show if you will!

So, basically that means we have lots of additional styles, shapes and materials to help you narrow down the perfect wedding gown for you...... but if you want to take advantage of this opportunity you will have to be quick, as they won't be here for long before they go to another bridal boutique for their lovely brides to do the same.

Included with these gowns are 2 absolutly stunning Art Deco vintage style wedding dresses, which a lot of bridal boutiques, including ourselves wouldn't usually stock. So if you think this is the style your after get an appointment sharpish!


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