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Dessy Twist Wrap Dresses

These gorgeous twist wrap dresses by Dessy are so incredibly versatile that they are becoming an ever increasing choice for bridesmaids as they can be worn time and again and just wrapped in a different way to give a completely different look. Not only are they a perfect bridal wear choice but whether you choose long or short, they can be worn on holiday or as evening guests to a wedding or special occasion.

The dresses are made of Maracaine Jersey or a Chiffon Lux version is also available, there are endless ways to wrap these dresses so you will undoubtedly find a style to suit all your bridesmaids and being made of such a soft and luxurious fabric they are very comfortable to wear.

The Wrap Dress requires no alteration, even the length can be worked around by moving the waist band up to an empire line.

Whats even more incredible is that for a short time only we have included these dresses in our 20% discount and depending on stock they ship from the US in


a matter of days! whats not to love?!

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