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Bring your Bridesmaids!

Ladies, we all know organising a wedding isn't the easiest of tasks and sometimes keeping everyone happy is one of the hardest thing to do.

Choosing your Bridesmaids may seem easy but wait until you try and pick a dress they all agree on! That, I can assure you is not so easy!

Here, at Romantic Dreams in Birmingham, we have a large selection of Bridesmaid dresses by both Allure Bridesmaids and Dessy Bridesmaids, so there is plenty for your girls to try on and wittle down to a handful of shortlisted choices. Ultimately, we all know it's the brides decision, but keeping everyone happy is also very important and we try our best to stock a wide selection of styles and colours to suit everyone.

We also stock the increasingly popular wrap dress, which can be wrapped and twisted in endless amounts of ways to create different looks to suit different body shapes, in a way this is the perfect choice as rarely is there not a style for everyone.

So, bring your girls along to Romantic Dreams in the Jewellery Quarter and have a girly day trying on dresses and styles, play around with what works and what doesn't, afterall no one wants grumpy bridesmaids in the wedding photos!

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