In an ideal world the best time to begin your search would be 12-18 months before the big day to take away any pressure of not getting 'The One' in time, but not everyone has the luxury of that amount of time and it certainly doesn't take that long for a dress to come in, so when you feel you are ready to order your dream dress that's the time to begin the search, we advise against 'browsing' as you may stumble upon the dress of your dreams but if you're not ready to order it may be gone by the time you are, so be careful.
We would suggest neutral underwear for all appointments, you'll quickly realise most wedding dresses won't need a bra or can't accommodate one if the back is low or has intricate detail, but we understand not everyone feels comfortable at first taking off their bra when we've only just met, but you'll quickly get used to it and will be whipping off that bra before you know it! 
We tend to stock dresses starting at £650 and going up to no more that £1,350 in the boutique, but be aware that the collections we stock do have dresses with higher price tags than that within the collection and from time to time we have them on loan in the boutique as they are still available to order from us despite us not always having the sample to try.
The samples we carry in the boutique are typically sizes 10-16, we do loan dresses from time to time and these tend to be on the smaller side with most being size 8's
Yes! We offer exclusive use of the entire boutique for the duration of your time with us and we can only do this by appointment only, so get booked in!
We certainly do! We work closely with Alteration Bridal Company, who are absolute magicians when it comes to fitting bridal wear, all alteration appointments are done in house and again will be entirely private.
Be open minded! You may well think you know what you want (or maybe you don't) but soooo many brides end up with the complete opposite of this, talk and listen to your bridal consultant and be open to trying dresses they suggest, they see these dresses every day and know how they look on the body, so trust them, but most of all enjoy yourself, try not to overthink it and have a fabulous time trying incredible gowns on!